One of the best suprises to come along in quite some time. Musicianship is first class.” - Clive Davis, Chief Jazz Editor

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28 May 2021

ne rentre pas premieres on youtube

Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the one you love. Going through the pain of a heartbreak, a woman wonders whether she can, should or will forgive... "Ne Rentre Pas" is the fourth single from the Mopepe Mama album! The music video  premieres on YouTube on Friday May 28. Watch it and give it a like or leave a comment !

13 April 2021

MOKILI premieres on youtube on april 15

The Album Mopepe Mama will drop on April 15, on Universal Culture Day. To celebrate the release together, I invite you to join me for the YouTube Premiere of the music video for MOKILI tomorrow evening here.  As always, I will be connected, so we'll be able to share impressions live and rejoice together on the delivery of my 5th baby ! Mopepe Mama = 12 tracks. 13 musicians. Recorded from 10 different countries. 50 minutes of pure musical bliss. Get your album now! ️