Secret Dance Competition - WIN $100

18 February 2021 

Enter Secret Dance Competition - Win $100  

Syssi Mananga is giving away $100💰 to the best dance crew which will also be featured in her next music video !💕 All you have to do to enter is make a video to Syssi Mananga's secret song with at least 2 other crew members. Get the secret song by signing up on this website. 

Rules : 

- Videos must be in full HD quality (4K or 1920x1080) 

- Videos (or download link) must be sent to by March 1st. 

- Dance Crew shall be composed of at least 3 members. 

- Winning crew will be announced on March 8th ‼️ Let’s gooo ! 

Selection Criteria: Quality of the choreography, the outfits and the location for the video. Good Luck!

NEW VIDEO | Mopepe

05 February 2021 


The music video of Mopepe premiered on YouTube on Friday February 5. Watch it and leave a comment if you enjoyed it!

Mopepe is the first single out from Syssi Mananga's forthcoming world music album «Mopepe Mama». With this world music tune rich in #afropop vibes, the award-wining singer-songwriter celebrates women and mothers. Mopepe means "wind" but also "spirit" in Lingala (language of Congo). With this music video, the Congolese musician shows women from different religion, ethnicities, cultures and geographies, but that all share similar traits. Mopepe mamas are brave, driven and passionate women. Proud of their unique heritage, their spirit is as free and untamable as the wind. Mopepe mamas lead a life driven by their own dreams, away from mainstream trends. Open-minded, natural, spiritual, adventurous, fearless dreamers and achievers are the Mopepe mamas. The song asks "What can stop the frantic race of the Mopepe mama?" The answer: her children. Mopepe's children ground her and, for them, her love is as powerful and all-embracing as the wind. #mopepemama